Say What?!

Lip Print

Kiss me

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A Box of Chocolates

Box of chocolates

Ooow! Such a hard choice. Don’t you sometimes just reach in and have a surprise? First of all, for me it’s got to be dark chocolate.

Caramel? Coconut? Marshmallow?


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5 Foods I’d Hate to Live Without


Coffee (Is that a food? Well it is to me!), chocolate, salmon, garlic, and asparagus (I had to throw a veggie in there). BONUS: blueberries. And you?

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My Favorite Music

song of the wind

Soooo hard to answer. I listen to so much music. What do I turn to the most? What would be my desert island jukebox. My Music Manifesto. If it were a genre? Singer-songwriter. A piano, a guitar, a voice, a great song. That’s all I need. Yours?

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Telling It Like It Is


Frankly I don’t really know what “it” is, so it’s kinda hard to tell it.

I think I’m pretty good at listening to the deal and then giving a rational response that people can appreciate and maybe use.

I think too often people think “telling it like it is” means they can be careless with their communication.

Doesn’t help anyone, does it?

Now THAT’S tellin’ it like it is.

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Introvert Versus Extrovert


I am an extraintrovert, introextrovert.

Are there times when you just can’t be bothered with fulfilling other people’s need to hear themselves talk? Or do you like to be the life of the party?

My mission is to be a part of the action, and make things happen.

How about you? Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

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If I Had Six Months to Kill

Relaxing on the beach

I love to travel. Well actually, although I know what to expect, the actual getting there has it’s pro’s and con’s. Mostly con’s (cramped seats, bad air, bad facilities…you know). I love a cup of coffee, traveling light, and working with my headset on when I fly.

So Dexanne and I love to travel. We have our list, what’s on yours?

But if I had to make one choice for a 6 month break it would ON THE BEACH. (I might still work, though. I’d definitely have some good coffee, and not be totally lazed by working out. But eat good food, swim, take walks and naps, definitely EXPLORE, and all good things you would imagine in a nice warm-sunny-beach desitnation)

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My Favorite Type of Street Food


Elote (Roasted Sweet Corn). With chili powder, salt, mayo, cheese… Yum!

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My Favorite Family Gatherings

I like gatherings of all types. Thanksgiving dinner, birthdays, summer holidays, pumpkin farm, WEDDINGS. Two of my most favorite around the holiday season are our annual family and friends gathering and our Florida trip. Both because they are like a tradition. And they’re really FUN!

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The Best and Worst Parts of the Holiday Season


My most favorite things about the holiday are getting together with friends and family. I enjoy decorating the house, the food, parades, movies, shopping in Chicago, THE MUSIC.

And my least favorite thing is it’s over too soon.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving leftovers

Turkey, stuffing, mashed, sweet, cranberry, mayo sandwich.

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Finding Creative Inspiration

William Arthur + Rebekah Westover Photo

Of course weddings are my favorite creative project.

What I enjoy most about the creative process is seeing what’s wrong in things, and making it right.

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A Best Meal Under Ten Bucks


I can split a burger and fries with Dexanne at any nice burger joint in town. Pete Miller’s is one of our favorites. How about you?

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Holiday Plans

horse drawn sleigh

Dinner party, travel, shopping, decorating. Over the river and through the woods…

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